Online Family History Lessons–Free for All!!

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FamilySearch and the Midwest Genealogy Center are two great resources for family history research. Not only can they help with your research, but they can teach you how to go about that research too. Online.  FREE!!

Both sites have courses on how to get started for beginners. The Midwest Center also has lessons on specific types of US research. FamilySearch also has US research lessons along with others for doing research on non-US ancestors. These can be a big help whether you’re just starting out on your family history, beginning research in an area you’re unfamiliar with, or just looking for a few new tips.

Links to both of these sites are posted on my lessons page.  Good luck!!

About Kevin

Im a husband, father of 4, amateur genealogist, technophile, homeschooler, gardener, and boy scout leader. I've taught several free courses for beginners on family history. I enjoy connecting with other genealogists & helping people discover their ancestors.
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