Wish you could share to Google+?

I’ve  been on Google+ for months now, thanks to an early invite. I’ve been using it regularly since it went open beta and there were actually other people using it also. Although I like it and have found that many in the genealogy community have quickly adopted it, because Google has not released and API, there aren’t any direct sharing options from other web pages. Well, yesterday I discovered a direct way to share links to Google+.

If you own an Android device, you can share anything (with a sharing option) directly to Google+ This includes web pages, apps, news stories, items from Google Reader or other RSS feeds, and clips from an Evernote notebook. Even though WordPress can’t share to Google+ automatically when I post, I can share a post from the Android app.

Now I understand that this isn’t going to cut it for a lot of people, but if you do much of your browsing on an Android tablet (or a large display phone), it’s easier than copying and pasting links on the laptop. I’ve found it an easy option to share feeds that come into Google Reader since I use the Android app. If you own and Android device, give it a try. Do you think this is something you’ll use or is using a tablet/phone just not for you? Leave a comment below. I’m always interested to see how (or if) people are using technology.


About Kevin

I'm a husband, father of 4, amateur genealogist, technophile, homeschooler, gardener, and boy scout leader.
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