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I'm a husband, father of 4, amateur genealogist, technophile, homeschooler, gardener, and boy scout leader.

Tech Tuesday – Photo Sharing Service

There have been a lot of developments in photo sharing services in the last year. Google merged it’s picasa service with G+ providing essentially limitless photo storage; facebook, of course, remains as popular as ever; and other cloud storage services, … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the card catalog

After replying to a request from an message for some information on a shared ancestor, I started doing a little more digging on that particular line. In my web searching, I happened to stumble across a county history/biography/genealogy that … Continue reading

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Tech Tuesday – Evernote, I’m finally using it

I know this isn’t something new to most of the genealogy community….or probably to any community by now. It just hasn’t been something I’ve felt I had a need for. Recently though, I discovered a need to keep a large … Continue reading

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Wish you could share to Google+?

I’ve  been on Google+ for months now, thanks to an early invite. I’ve been using it regularly since it went open beta and there were actually other people using it also. Although I like it and have found that many … Continue reading

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You may not be searching all the records at FamilySearch

How do you use FamilySearch for family history research? Do you search from the home screen? Do you use the newer filtering search they’ve implemented? Have you ever browsed through or search their list of collections? FamilySearch has over 2 billion … Continue reading

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RootsTech 2012 Sessions I’m considering

FamilySearch released their ‘first batch’ of announced sessions this week.  There’s something about each of these that interests me. Particularly, the sessions on Genealogy 2.0/social media, uses of Android technology in genealogy, QR codes, copyright law, and using the Library … Continue reading

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I’m going to RootsTech 2012

I got my registration finalized today for RootsTech 2012. I’m really excited about attending. Last year I tried to participate online as much as I could with web streams, but it was clear I was missing a lot that was … Continue reading

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New Display for FamilySearch?

Last week I received an email invitation to take part in a research survey from FamilySearch.  It concerned the way information would be displayed for an individual and their family members.  It’s easier to show you the two proposed displays … Continue reading

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Legacy Family Search now works with Windows 7

Recently, Legacy Family Tree released an update to version  If you’ve tried Legacy before, but use Windows 7, like me, you’ve discovered that the FamilySearch integration feature didn’t work.  I’ve shunned genealogy software for sometime and have done all … Continue reading

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BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy

This conference takes place over 4 day in late July. Registration is $175/person with a $25 discount for church family history consultants. If I could just get away from work, I’d seriously consider going.

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